Our Portfolio

What we’ve done, what we’re doing, and where we’re going.    

Having come from a diverse production background, Jen, Taylor and Tim bring a variety of experience and knowledge to the Stumptown Studios team. Here’s more about what their past experience, as well as what they’re doing now.

Building a Brand

Independent production in Portland, Oregon.

Jen, Taylor and Tim launched Stumptown Studios in 2016 with one goal in mind: creating digital media content for people, places and ideas that resonate with their mission. Since then, they’ve worked tirelessly to build a business from the ground up. In that time they’ve created content for a variety of businesses, nonprofits, musicians, artists and more. As Stumptown Studios grows, so do their aspirations, as they strive to create high quality content for an increasing pool of clients. Check out some of their best work here, and find more on the “Our Content” page.

“I Will” music video for Chelsea Sue

Fundraiser video for Kinship House 2017 Light The Way fundraiser auction

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Small sample gallery of photography by Stumptown Studios

Advertising for the 21st Century

Creating conscious campaigns for a forward-thinking company.

When Tim isn’t working for Stumptown Studios, he’s busy working for an ad agency in Portland. For the past 3 years, he’s worked in the video department at Coates Kokes, overseeing the production of video and photography campaigns. In that time he’s had an integral role creating content for a variety of clients, ranging from government agencies to private business. His role ranges from behind-the-scenes production and editing, to working on set as Assistant Director and Camera Operator.

Promotional video for Pelican Brewing, produced in part by Tim Jacks

Tim exploring transportation in Portland

Interview/Spoken word by Tim as part of a larger series

Sample photography for Pelican Brewing by Tim

Get Reel

Working with the next generation of filmmakers.

Prior to founding Stumptown Studios, Jennifer Dynes originated the Get Reel youth media program at MetroEast Community Media. Designed to help teach filmmaking skills to youth in Portland and Gresham. While with Get Reel, Jen produced, mentored and worked on set for dozens of productions. Taylor and Tim also worked on behalf of Get Reel, volunteering time to help produce a handful of pieces.

MetroEast Community Media partnered with POWFest to host POWGirls 2015. 14 girls, aged 15-18 wrote, filmed and edited two films in one weekend. The films screened at POWFest at The Hollywood Theater.

Students at Fir Ridge High School participated in a weekly workshop from January through May 2013 to create this short film, “A Hot Mess”, through collaboration and teamwork.

The World I Want to Live In

Taking social justice to the White House.

Dante and Zen McFallo at the White House Student Film Festival (Photo: MetroEast)

Working with a handful of youth through the Get Reel program, Jen created the basis for “The World I Want to Live In”, which was produced in part by Taylor and Tim. The piece, written and produced by a team of youth filmmakers guided by mentors, was intended as commentary on the crisis of youth incarceration. The project was filmed at Wapato Correctional Facility, with Taylor and Tim on set performing various roles. “The World I Want to Live In” was accepted by the 2016 White House Student Film Festival, as part of the South by South Lawn event, hosted by the Obama Administration. The piece received an Honorary mention.

“The World I Want to Live In” produced in part by Jennifer, Taylor and Tim.

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of “The World I Want to Live In”


Working to achieve the goals of others.

Outside of their work for Stumptown Studios, Jen, taylor and Tim can be found working on the sets of other peoples projects. Creativity is in no short supply in Portland, and as a result these 3 keep busy! Working a variety of roles ranging from Production Assistant to Director of Photography, they do what they have to in order to help others succeed.


A short film worked on by Taylor Eisele