Narrative, Documentary & Short Films

— Keep Going —

“Keep Going” is the first short film by Taylor Eisele and Tim Jacks of Stumptown Studios.

The city of Portland is a wonderful place to ride a bike. Whatever your skill level, you can feel safe and free on two wheels. This film was made in honor of the city and the bikes we ride.

This short film was awarded the Audience Choice award at the 2016 Filmed By Bike film festival.


— Identity: An art project by Taylor Eisele —

“Identity” is a piece done by our producer Taylor Eisele. This video was made for submission to his 3D Foundations and Design class as a creative means of documenting the process and submitting the final piece in a visually stimulating way.

“Identity” is a commentary on identity issues, consumerism, and self-sabotage.


— Vista —

Last year, we created Keep Going for the 2016 Filmed By Bike film festival as a way to showcase our love of cycling and our passion for filmmaking. It was an adventure, and we got the opportunity to work with a great group of guys to put something we love so much on the big screen.  You can find Keep Going here.

We were humbled to receive the Audience Choice award, and now its time to turn our attention to our next cycling project. This year we are aiming to create something a little different from what we did last year.


We will be showcasing the beauty around us as we follow Zac Conklin through a day out. Winding our way through the hills, overlooking vast stretches of beauty, we will get to adventure down the back roads of Oregon through a cinematic lens. We are aiming to create something simple and poetic. To further our cause of creating a captivating and atmospheric piece, we will be working closely with composer Justin Graff to write and record an original score, tailored to our cinematic goals. This piece isn’t just about bicycles. Its about Portland. Its about nature. Its about the release from the ordinary.