“Identity” is a piece done by our producer Taylor Eisele. This video was made for submission to his 3D Foundations and Design class as a creative means of documenting the process and submitting the final piece in a visually stimulating way.

The goal of this project was to create a “body extension”, something to be worn or attached to the artists body, thus rendering the artist as part of the piece (see 01:30ish). The piece is intended to symbolize a concept that is personal to the artist.

“Identity” is a commentary on identity issues, consumerism, and self-sabotage. Here is Taylors description on why he chose to go in this direction:

“Most of my life I’ve struggled with my identity and the idea of ‘who am I?’. As I’ve grown up I’ve realized how often our actions can contradict our values and the people we want to be. It happens to everybody to varying degrees. We can create an image of who we want to be, but really at the end of the day we are defined by things as small as what we eat and where we shop. I see it in my own life, and as a result sometimes I feel as if I’m being held hostage by my inability to be the best version of myself. Everybody wants to change the world, but really what we need to do is look inside and change ourselves.”

What do you think?