Product Photos for a Budding Industry

Cannabis Photos - Karma Originals by Taylor Eisele One of the things we love to do here at Stumptown Studios are product photos! That can sometimes include photos of cannabis and cannabis-related products. Being a budding industry (pun intended), cannabis companies are constantly looking for collaborative partners to help develop their brands and bring further [...]

Mighty at the Paris Theater

Truly a Mighty Nation By Tim Jacks Whenever I have a Mighty show to shoot, I’m gleaming with excitement. He has such a charismatic way about him when he is on stage. It’s an adventure seeking my way past the swarm of bodies to find that perfect angle. When I first started shooting live shows, [...]

Happy New Year!

Out with the old, in with the new! From all of the gang at Stumptown Studios, we wish you a very happy and successful 2018. As we look back on what has happened with Stumptown Studios in 2017, we feel so proud of our accomplishments. Starting a new business is not easy! We have an [...]

An Axe Throwing Christmas.

Feckin 4th Annual Christmas Sweater Party, featuring Portland Axe Throwing. By Taylor Eisele The evening began with a chilly ride to the MAX. Zac and I caught the Green Line to Clackamas Town Center at 82nd Ave. We figured we could save some time by catching transit, as there was a decent bike ride waiting [...]

We’re on Shutterstock!

If you need stock photography, look no further! Like many photographers out there, we've turned to Shutterstock as an opportunity to put our unused photos to good use! If you're looking for great stock photos for you projects, we'd recommend checking out our profile. We've got a variety of photographs spanning tons of different genres, [...]