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Taylor Eisele

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Being an avid lover of the arts from an early age, Taylor Eisele spent most of his childhood playing and composing music. Learning a variety of instruments, playing in numerous groups, and becoming fluent is music theory and composition helped him develop his artistic senses and learn about himself as an individual. He took the skills and concepts he learned through his years of music and began to experiment with digital production. As his knowledge of tools, equipment and programs grew, so did his aspirations to experiment and create with a multitude of mediums.

After moving to Portland, Oregon he met Tim Jacks, with whom he created his first short film. “Keep Going” was featured at the 2016 Filmed By Bike film festival, and it took home the Audience Choice Award. Inspired by his successes and natural talent in the field of video production, he decided to enroll in the multimedia program at Portland Community College. Through digital media and social service, he hopes to enrich his community and make the world a more creative and accepting place to be.


Tim Jacks

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From an early age, Tim Jacks has been fascinated with the filmmaking process. He got his first taste of production working as a technical director and anchor on his high school’s television news show. Tim continued to pursue his love and passion of filmmaking by attending film school in Chicago. After receiving his BA from Columbia College Chicago in Cinematic Arts & Sciences, Tim and two fellow filmmakers set out to tell the stories of cancer patients and survivors. They embarked on a 98 day cross country tour by bicycle and created a web series titled Ride the Battle. It consisted of 16 episodes documenting the extraordinary stories of resilience.

Tim’s hunger and devotion to exploring and pushing his filmmaking capabilities inspired him to move to Portland, Oregon. During the day he works for an advertising agency as a videographer and video editor. The agency specializes in sustainability, social cause, energy, health and destination. After work, Tim stays busy by photographing his surroundings in the beautiful Pacific Northwest as well as working on video projects with fellow Stumptown Studio founder, Taylor Eisele. Tim and Taylor’s first collaboration project titled Keep Going, was featured at the Filmed by Bike Film Festival and took home the audience choice award. Tim hopes to further grow his business by staying focused on client’s needs and continuing to create high quality content.


Jennifer Dynes

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Jen has built a career based upon connecting with people in a positive way and using film and photography to build a better community. Jen brings 16 years as a community media filmmaker and educator to Stumptown Studios. She has produced and directed hundreds of short films and studio television shows. She also originated the Get Reel youth media program at Metro East Community Media in Gresham, Oregon. Jen has a masters degree in Creative Writing and Video Art. She is excited to share these skills with those in her community who are in need of polished content for their business or organization.

In her spare time, Jen is a musician and plays the resonator slide guitar. She is also busy raising two wonderful children in Portland.