Mighty at the Paris Theater

Truly a Mighty Nation

By Tim Jacks

Whenever I have a Mighty show to shoot, I’m gleaming with excitement. He has such a charismatic way about him when he is on stage. It’s an adventure seeking my way past the swarm of bodies to find that perfect angle.


When I first started shooting live shows, I had a tendency to go nuts and snap off 500 photos in 30 minutes. As I’ve grown as a photographer, I now tend to frame up exactly what I want and wait patiently as my subject fits perfectly into frame.

I’ve been photographing and working with Mighty for over a year now and each show I’ve been to, it’s incredible to see how far he has come as an artist. I truly enjoy chasing that perfect shot of Mighty doing what he loves.

All of Mighty’s skill is compounded even further by the energy and drive that his drummer and collaborator David Hamilton brings to the stage. That guy rips on the drums, plain and simple. The two of them together put on a hell of a show, and are truly a force to be reckoned with. _MG_5226

If you haven’t seen Mighty in action, you should. There are no shortage of shows, either. The duo keeps busy by playing as many as a dozen shows a month.

Check out my captures of his latest show opening for Mac Lethal at the Paris Theater. As always, Mighty delivered, both in his music and presentation. With a solid set and a sold out crowd, it was truly a night to remember.

Let’s not forget Mac Lethal, either. He lit that place up, but I’m sure you could have guessed that. Let’s hope we can see this duo in action again in the future.


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