An Axe Throwing Christmas.

Feckin 4th Annual Christmas Sweater Party, featuring Portland Axe Throwing.

By Taylor Eisele

Axe Screenshot

The evening began with a chilly ride to the MAX. Zac and I caught the Green Line to Clackamas Town Center at 82nd Ave. We figured we could save some time by catching transit, as there was a decent bike ride waiting at the end of the line. It’s also preferable to avoid riding parts of the east side at night. Being (almost) winter, we were daring venture into the darkness at 4:45pm.

Arriving at a very busy Clackamas town center, lined bumper to bumper with holiday shoppers as far as the eye could see, we saddled up and headed southbound on the I-205 path. The ride was brisk, but we kept a good pace. After a handful of wrong turns, some head-scratching, and plenty of wondering what Google said the last turn was, we ended up at Fecking Irish Brewing Co.


Being 45 minutes late to the party, the axes were flying and the beer a-flowing by the time we got there. I promptly dropped my bag, ordered an imperial pint of their finest strawberry cider on nitro (it was so good), and popped out my camera. Time to get to work.

Except, here’s the thing: I always forget how tricky it can be to film in bars.

Every time I go to shoot an event at a bar, I think “There’s gunna be just enough light to make this work” or “I’ll just shoot wide open”, but reality is never so simple unfortunately. But I made it work, and I’ve got to say, there is something cool about filming people throwing axes in a bar. Or throwing axes in general.

It’ll be even more fun when I can get my hands on a slow-mo camera.

Some slick shots and nice throws, a pulled pork sandwhich and a couple delicious craft beers later, I’d say we got a cool little video. It’s always fun to get together with Portland Axe Throwing. That was also my first time to Feckin Brewing Co. and it was amazing. The drinks were delicious, the food was incredible too, and the space was so welcoming and open. That and they set up an axe throwing cage. Only legit bars do that.

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